Store Locator: Creating maps as the primary interface

Bajaj Finserv at it's core is a big data company with a brand proposition of a NBFC. Their EMI Store-locator is an innovative product that tries to bring the online shopper to a nearby local store by offering discounts that one cannot find online or elsewhere.

My Role


EMI store locator was in development for over a period of two years. The product was not getting approved because the teams had tried to make it into an e-com product which totally missed the business objectives. I was bought in to fix this gap between the real world & the web-app.


Based upon analytics data, competitive analysis and client meetings, I organized my observations and categorized them using a customer journey maps.

Flow (.PDF)
customer journey

Mobile Wireframes

The initial user research uncovered various areas of opportunity, such as content personalization and discovery based on genres, moods, or a combination of the same. However, for the MVP, I kept in mind the business goals and organizational capacity and decided to focus upon some key areas, including simplifying user experience around user on-boarding, shows discovery and alerts management, and thereby, meeting user and business goals including key engagement and user retention, with a strong focus on personalization & easy discovery.

customer journey

Prototypes for user testing

I refined the concept with research outcomes in-line with our business goals and went through a few rounds of iteration using hand sketching.

Prototype V6

The Design Phase

I sketched countless ideas and brainstormed various possibilities with my product team and created low-fidelity wireframes and prototypes to test. Usercrowd app was our go to tool for any static & dynamic prototype testing.

Sketch File
Mobile Designs

Web Desktop Designs

Desktop Designs Desktop Designs Desktop Designs Desktop Designs Desktop Designs

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